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 Gobsquad Raid Rules

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PostSubject: Gobsquad Raid Rules   Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:08 am

The following are the riad rules in order to raid with the guild. Keep track of this post as it may be updated.

1. Treat the raid leader and all officers with respect and follow their instructions
2. Own up to your own mistakes and be vocal about issues and concerns about the raid (with respect, no calling names, be mature!) preferably through a respectful whisper. If you have an issue with a specific player, see rule 5.
3. We encourage communication, so please be vocal in TeamSpeak, but don’t hog the channel and not let anyone else speak. We are here to have fun and socialize, but also serious about raiding. If you feel you don’t have any opportunity to talk in Teamspeak and feel left out, please whisper one of the disciplinary officers and not just shut down.
4. We use DBM, RCLootCouncil, and AngryAssignments, we expect all raid members, especially our core raiders, to have all three of these addons, along with any encounter-specific addons when necessary. If you are unsure what addons you need or don’t know how to get them, please contact an officer.
5. DO NOT tell other players how to play their class. This will only cause arguments. If you feel someone is doing something wrong or could improve, whisper the raid leader or disciplinary officer and they will speak to the player and tell them what needs to be done.
6. In the core raiding team, you are expected to have read and understood any tactics needed for each encounter. The raid leader’s tactics may differ from what you have read or are used to, but do not question the leader’s tactics. If you have suggestions or concerns about a certain tactic, please say so respectfully and preferably whisper the alt raid leader or a disciplinary officer.
7. Come to raid EARLY. Raid time might be 8pm, but that is when the first trash/boss is pulled. If you are not in the instance flasked up, eaten, and with all necessary addons, gear, or whatever preparations already completed, then you are considered late. Showing up late multiple times can result in losing your core raiding spot and put as backup.
8. The guild leader reserves the right to modify any rules pertaining to raid, and make decisions during raids if a special circumstance may occur and is not listed as a rule here. If you have issues with his decision, please contact a disciplinary officer and not spread rumors or talk bad about any officer or the guild leader. The officers will take care of unfairness, it is not for you as a raider to tell anyone what to do or how to handle anything during raid times.
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Gobsquad Raid Rules
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